ESport News Week May 3 – May 9


Custom Arena Duos featuring Fortnite Online

Powered by Nerd Street Gamers | Overview
Nerd Street Gamers presents our monthly open Fortnite ladders for both NA-East and NA-West players. These ladders are run every Tuesday night where each week’s performance will boost your duo up the monthly leaderboard. The top 3 duos of each region at the end of May will get... Read More.


Smash Ultimate Online: East Coast

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Where we Smashin?
Come test your skills against some of the best East Coast smash players! Elite Smash Online: East Coast will be ran on and will be exclusive to the East Coast Region player pool only.

Date: 05.06.20 - Wednesday,   Time: 6:00pm EST
Registration...  Learn More

Magic The Gathering Arena Online Open #3

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It's Magic time!
Nerd Street Gamers presents our National Championship Series Online Open event series for Magic The Gathering Arena. The tournament will be ran on the MTG Melee platform. Join us Saturday, May 9th, to compete against some of the top upcoming talents in the North American MTG scene. You will have the opportunity to compete to earn... Read More.

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