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eSports Viewership is Growing

Between 2016 and 2017, there was a 19.3% increase year over year. In 2017, there were 192 million casual viewers and 143 million enthusiasts, making the total audience 335 million. … And that there will be 250 million eSports enthusiasts, making the total audience 557 million. – Source: NewZoo

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Rivalry: A fresh perspective on esports betting

In 2015, Steven Salz was one of many entrepreneurs hoping to claim a slice of the esports industry whilst still baking in the proverbial oven. Alongside Ryan White and Kevin Wimer, co-founders of skins marketplace Loot Market, the trio defined the ideal set of benchmarks needed to solicit their investment. The venture was contingent on three important criteria: an asset completely agnostic of game publisher intellectual property, third-party API, and specific game titles.

These set of guidelines pointed Salz to the world of esports bookmaking. Although the esports betting scape looked far different than it does today; once riddled with unregulated sportsbooks and illegal skin markets each posing its own regulatory nightmare. Salz never found his ideal esports investment opportunity, so he decided to create his own.

This became the genesis of Rivalry, an online, esports-focused betting platform launched in February 2018, continue reading