G2E Return 2021

Getting Ready for the NFL,Esports & G2E

Labor Day is less than 3 weeks away! So I have to get ready for the best time of the year for me. What time is that? My answer is always when the NFL is about to start and my anticipation of attending the G2E. So I want to prepare you for some of the things you can expect this fall.

The Metro Report: Sports Betting in Washington DC, Philly & New York


The Metro Report: Sports Betting in Washington DC, Philly & New York

Since the advent of Sports Betting the coverage of the New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia markets are essential to prognosticators. So I will expand with my Gaming Guy News minutes into the 3 top cities on the East Coast.

The wins totals projected for the NFL season is a very popular wager. These are the projections for the Eagles,Washington Football,Giants & Jets. read more


In order to prepare effectively you must think about what you bring to the table. Oprah Winfrey is quoted as saying “When you bring excellence to a room. they will find you a seat.” I will share two points we can add that will make us appealing to a new opportunity or invaluable to the employer that furlough you. If you are looking for a new job situation, be prepared to…  Read more Follow  SRG on FacebookTwitter and  Instagram.




5 Takeaways from the SBC Digital Conference 2021


These are some of the takeaways of the SBC Digital North America, an online event that was held June 9th and 10th.
I Gaming and Sports Betting are moving the needle in the Gaming and Casino Industry. read more

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Gaming Forecast for the Summer of 2021


Robert Mims looks at investing in Gaming & Casino Stocks

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