The Metro Report: Sports Betting in Washington DC, Philly & New York


The Metro Report: Sports Betting in Washington DC, Philly & New York

Since the advent of Sports Betting the coverage of the New York, Washington DC and Philadelphia markets are essential to prognosticators. So I will expand with my Gaming Guy News minutes into the 3 top cities on the East Coast.

Washington Football stunned the fan base and media by cutting Dwayne Haskins from the team. This season has not been very good statistically for the 1st round pick of 2019. He had 5TD and 7 interceptions this year with a rating of 73. Haskins had 5 fumbles and was sacked 20 times. He was receiving more attention for his off the field actions that resulted in him losing his captaincy and being fined 40,000 for violations regarding COVID protocols. He was not claimed on waivers but there is interest around the league. Expect him to be in some NFL camp next summer.

The Eagles are eliminated from the playoff picture after losing to the Cowboys. They play Washington on SNF. If Washington wins, they clinch the division. The Giants play the Cowboys earlier in the day. The winner of that game makes the playoffs if the Eagles defeat Washington. Washington Football is favored by 1.5 and the over/under is 43.5 The Cowboys are favored by 3 with a total of 44.

The Nets lost Spencer Dinwiddie for the remainder of the season due to a partial torn ACL.  They are extremely deep, so expect Landry Shamet and Caris LeVert to get more minutes. Earlier this week, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sat out because of back to back games. This is something to... Read More.

Mid Season MVP: Wilson or Mahomes

Russell Wilson is having a phenomenal year. He leads the NFL in touchdowns and his team is 6 -1. He has thrown for 2151 yards. He has never won the MVP award.

Patrick Mahomes is also playing excellent, He has thrown for 2315 yards & 21 TDs. His team is 6 -1. He won MVP in 2018.

Let's look at... Read More.


In order to prepare effectively you must think about what you bring to the table. Oprah Winfrey is quoted as saying "When you bring excellence to a room. they will find you a seat." I will share two points we can add that will make us appealing to a new opportunity or invaluable to the employer that furlough you.
If you are looking for a new job situation, be prepared to...  Read more
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All virtual G2E 2020 Preview: Includes  Gaming,Sports Betting,Tech, Covid 19 & 5G

The G2E 2020 is scheduled for next week. The Global Gaming Expo is a mega event that impacts the entire gaming, wagering and entertainment landscape. It is traditionally held in Las Vegas every year. This is the first time the conference will be totally virtual. I am excited about exploring the meetings and panel sessions without moving from one assembly hall to another. While I will miss the interaction of talking face to face and catching up with business colleagues, this is more feasible due to the pandemic. read more

covid gambler

Gaming Forecast for the remainder of 2020

I decided to assess what I see for three gaming regions. The regions are Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Continue reading

G2E recap 1

Robert Mims recaps highlights from G2E 2020, getting through Covid-19 and the future of sports

The G2E 2020 was exciting and informative. It was just like being in Las Vegas without the drinks and the casino night life. Many of the educational sessions were available on demand. Each day consisted of news about how the gaming industry has changed because of Covid-19. The advent of Sports Betting and Online Gaming has helped the casinos develop growth opportunities. While the capacity in the casinos is down, the gaming numbers per patron are up.

The partnerships between teams and sports betting operators have grown as well. continue reading

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