Return to Work Blueprint

So far, my Monday Motivation posts have been designed to help us stay the course thru COVID-19. Each one,for the past four weeks, has given concepts and suggestions as to what to we should do in the meantime. Now multiple states are planning some form of re-opening. The last phase in each anticipated re-opening are hotels,casinos and entertainment venues. Since that is the majority of my colleagues and followers, this Blueprint was crafted for the gaming. tourism and hotel industries. Read more..


As a percentage of the gaming, casino and hotel industry returns to work, many co-workers are still on furlough or in between job opportunities. Since we are all in this together, this series is to help make this transition a successful one. continue reading


This is the second part of my PIVOT post.  The use of the term pivot in basketball is to help a player avoid a defender and find an opening on the court to take a shot, make a pass or drive to the basket. It opens up the court to you. You are that player and the world is your court. continue reading

Build a Better You

If you read last week’s post, you are ready now to navigate back into the workforce. If you need to catch up with us  read here. In order to prepare effectively you must think about what you bring to the table. Oprah Winfrey is quoted as saying “When you bring excellence to a room. they will find you a seat.” I will share two points we can add that will make us appealing to a new opportunity or invaluable to the employer that furlough you. Continue reading

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