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Naomi Osaka SI cover

Naomi Osaka loses in the 3rd Round of the US Open


NFL free agency 2021: Cam Newton, Todd Gurley highlight 11 big names still available on open market

Some of the top names still available in the free agent market include continue reading


GQ, BOYD’S and ME, Mims…

Last week, I was able to have one of the best moments in my life. I was asked to interview for a segment of the “Conde Nast and GQ installment” “The Breakdown.” The episode was focusing on Pit Managers.  I was pleasantly surprised when contacted. The surprise did not stem from the being asked questions about gaming and casino operations. I have always been a fan of GQ and patronized the magazine for information and visual inspirations for what to wear.

My business attire comes from Boyds of Philadelphia. The store is one of the best men stores on the East Coast and has been mentioned several times in GQ. Some of the questions posed to me by the producers were about my… Read More. Photo Credit: 6ABC ©WPVI-TV Photo Credit: 6ABC ©WPVI-TV
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