Esports NewsWeek February 2022

Halo Infinite: Trailer, Beta, and More!

During Microsoft’s Event at gamescom 2021, along with many other games, a new Halo Infinite Trailer was released, along with a Limited Edition Halo Themed Xbox One Series X for the series’ 20th Anniversary, and the release date. 

In August’s Halo Infinite Development Update video, it was said that 4v4 PvP and Big Team Battles would be present in the Halo Infinite Beta. To many fans’ dismay, it1 was said

 that Campaign co-op and The Forge mode wouldn’t be available during launch, and would be added in a post-launch patch. It’s also said that beta tests will be held post-launch for more content, similar to Overwatch’s PTR Mode. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of the “dismay” fans. It’s really a let down to not have The Forge or the Campaign co-op available to us, to me! WindowCentral says Halo Infinite Beta test or flight will be at “some point in September” so let’s all wait to see what they will have to bring upset fans back to play.