NewsWeek 9/28 -10/30


US Marines Overwatch Escort Tournament

Powered by Nerd Street Gamers


The United States Marine Corps and Nerd Street Gamers are teaming up to host an online $500 6v6 Escort Tournament! This tournament is NA and PC only. The bracket will be run on... Read More.


Fortnite Private Coaching - Online

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If you are looking to get better at Fortnite, then Nerd Street Gamers is here to help. NSG and Camp Localhost now have coaches on hand to help you boost your ranking and help you become a better player through private, one-on-one lessons. The lessons take place over Discord and are for anyone ages 10+. Coaches are... Read More.


Smash Ultimate Online: East Coast


Where we Smashin?
Come test your skills against some of the best East Coast smash players! Elite Smash Online: East Coast will be ran on and will be exclusive to the East Coast Region player pool only.

Date: When?

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